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How 2024's World of Work Will Revolutionize Our Approach to Business

Reading this letter from the face behind Tesla and social media tool X one is bound to ask questions especially with Asynchronous communication becoming mainstream among global teams 

(Asynchronous communication is any type where two people aren't expected to be present and available simultaneously. It is any communication where two people are expected to be absent and available simultaneously)

With cross-functional teams at work, continuous learning and development is a big deal and must be embraced to birth more agile team members upskilling and reskilling as an ongoing strategy to stay relevant in the changing job market

One of the beauties of the evolving workplace is the voice of key stakeholders stamping their feet on what they expect from their team.  

Elon's model might not go down with everyone. However, we must admit the role shaping culture at work.

culture isn’t completely taught but caught by observation and presence. The best way to catch this is when senior executives are present to be experienced by rookies or next-generation leaders. It’s clear the COVID era has found most workplaces experimenting between a hybrid and a remote workplace most executives know what they want in 2024 thanks to data and in the new year many would seek what works. Elon was just the most vocal  just in case the letter triggers you  

Happy new year

It's still January

Charles Umeh

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