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Redefining Talent skillset Needed in the New workplace.

Have you ever wondered why senior positions elude otherwise qualified people or how the tie is broken between two great candidates over a vacancy? It all boils out to human skills. How well do they get along with the people at work? Redefining talent equips working professionals with the core of what is needed to navigate the evolving  Workplace.


Generations: The Ultimate guide to thriving in a Multigeneral workplace

Discover how to bridge the generation gap, embrace the unique strengths of each cohort, and create a harmonious, thriving work environment. Whether you're a seasoned professional, an emerging talent, or a leader looking to harness the full potential of your team, this book is your essential companion on the road to success.

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Breaking The Coconut Tales of 11 Inspiring Change Agents

Join 11 remarkable individuals in 'Breaking The Coconut,' a captivating compilation of stories that celebrate courage, resilience, and change. Get inspired and motivated to become a trailblazer and create positive change.


The Cycles

The CYCLES book brings together 4 years of research with 22 innovation experts into a simple system with easy-to-use canvases and tools for innovators around the world. In a co-creative world of collaboration and collective intelligence, this stands out.



Fostering Generational Inclusiveness in the Workplace

Over the weekend, I had a conversation with an HR professional about creating an inclusive workplace. While discussing diversity and inclusion, one particular challenge that stood out was generational inclusiveness.

What would your TED talk BE like?

I come from the part of the world where we almost joke about everything. These days the memes on social media alone could lead you into how much creative juice we have left on the table without converting… Memes that were both hilarious and struck a chord. 

Why Placing The Vision And Mission As a Reminder Counts.

I remembered some time ago when I was invited to brainstorm in a high exec meeting with a team on the way forward for their brand. I was quite young but still a young outlier.

A Hybrid Of Skills Set: Millennials & Generation Z

The idea of the new era being an era of one skill-set is fast blowing in the wind. Most Alpha millennials tend to have a hybrid of at least two most times three skill sets which keeps them more competitive in the marketplace.

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