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How can you thrive in today's workplace?

What do you need  to constantly win in the workplace irrespective of the generation you belong to everytime im asked this question i have different responses depending on the generation but for the second half of 2024 i would share one  case study with two ways that have worked 

Meet Jafah all his active work life got his first job during COVID-19 he was great because as the youngest and savvy he delivered and the WFH (work from Home ) model was well suited for him. everyone knew Jafah but few had experienced him in the work in their space.

COVID was over because of his exceptional skills he was one of the few who were given the free hand not to come to the office to work he was great at his deliverable. Jafah earned more than he had ever expected at his young age three years later a new boss came in and made a case to sack Jafah which never went down well until the new boss got someone who was able to make a compromise to show up two times a week compared to Jafar once a quarter. 

Smart decision from the organization you could say but Jafah never ran out of new jobs. His excellence stands him out hence he  went ahead to get better deals 

 Do you know what went wrong?

The new boss belonged to an older generation that valued weekly face-to-face interactions with the team. Despite his impressive track record, he didn't allow room for Jafah's preferred work style.

Jafah, belonging to the newest generation in the workplace, refused to compromise his standards.

How do we work with different generations?

 Compromise is Key

 We must make several of them to remain valuable and useful as the change continues. 

Was his boss right to do away with the one as skilled as Jafah?

 He had a decision to make.

We would need more compromises to be made  to win in the changing workplace

How are you doing at work?

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Charles Umeh

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