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How should we handle work ethic differences in today's workplace?

When it comes to ethics and generations in the workplace below are some of  the perspectives 

Genx believes that GenZ are lazy and lack grit:

Since it would be unfair to tag a complete generation in that light. 

The definition of laziness differs. 

It could be better to state that their focus level on assumed responsibilities is indifferent to the expectations, which could be misinterpreted as laziness.

Gen Z believes that Gen X is too intense and doesn't know how to take breaks. 

How true are both generations to this perspective?

A typical example is when there is a deadline and everyone on the team is under pressure and the GenX manager expects the GenZ to handle it like they do. 

This is where the misunderstanding begins. 

When you look back, only some of us have the grit to thrive under pressure. 

A larger percentage of employees who claim to work under pressure are used to it either as  GenX or Gen Y.

The ability to believe each generation would manage the situation as they do and not ascribe the pressure to affect their mental health is where the friction lies.

One way to make this better is simply cross-generation and mentorship programs where each generation openly expresses their expectations and helps each other do it better.

What's your experience?

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