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The Artist, the connector, and the Gallerist.

A story was told about a man who bought off an artwork from a rookie artist and sold it at an art fair with an unknown name.  

A young artist who continuously does amazing painting and keeps seeking an investor after failing at it several times somehow gets connected by fate with an influential figure who has no idea about art and the craft of the artist but who understands the business of talent and selling.

So the influential figure asks him some questions about why he does the painting and if he is aware of the possibilities of following any path he does so well if he gives his time to it.

I'm sure the rookie did not understand him until he introduced his work to a gallerist under an unusual name and that was the beginning of a whole new conversation for the unknown artist.

His influential friend sold out his work coincidentally to everyone who at one stage knew the artist but not his work.

In the end, the rookie artist picked the lesson.

Making art wasn’t the main deal, selling art that introduces you to the room and finding who to put the art in the room where the Gallerist (one who focuses on higher-end pieces) is super important.

most times the story is incomplete if producing the art is the only effort, you have to make the business side of the craft trumps the production part of the craft.

It's early days and we would all be making beautiful art again.

Charles Umeh

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