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What did you uncover that was crucial for your career advancement, you had wished someone taught you?

Understanding culture beyond what was written in the books.

 I believe every organization has a lexicon far different from what you know and  you are made to think hence the first thing to do like you learn languages when you get into a new country is to learn the culture of the people at work who don't speak languages they  speak and talk culture and one of the ways you understand culture is by interaction and Listening.

Understanding what is implied 

Understand what is said 

Understand what is expected 

Understand when you must interact with your team by volunteering information without sounding like a jerk and without saying too much

A case was narrated about one who after resuming in a new workplace was relieved of his job because he was always on his own and never volunteered information because he felt talking was going to expose him he came to mind his own business.  But when he was relieved of his job and had his exit interview one of the reasons was that he couldn't share much information and he must have been nursing something sinister or was racist. Was he shocked? Oh yes, he didn't see it coming so the question was what could he have done better because he was advised to mind his business?

Monday calls with the team always go something like this

How was your weekend? 

Was great i spent it with my family indoors. 

Oh, you didn't go out?  

No, i didn't  it was family time 

Week 2

You are taking your leave from work where do you intend to go for your leave or holiday?

Feel free to be genuine.

You could tell without talking too much if that's what you are scared of but where you would have a problem is if, for any of these questions, you were asked and your response was avoidance no one wants to work with one who hasn't learnt to work with people irrespective of who they are.

The core skill of a leader is their ability to galvanize the gifts of others to achieve a goal and they don't need to like the leader all they need to do is show care.

 Biblical Jesus had to still work with Judas Iscariot who finally  betrayed him that was leadership skills 

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