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I Help Next Generation Leaders Connect Beyond the Workplace and Stay Winning



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Ever find yourself lost in the maze of corporate lingo and workplace enigmas? That's precisely where Charles Umeh comes to your rescue.

Meet Charles Umeh, the visionary Founder of BTC. Inc. He's not just a Global Speaker, Author, and TV Show Host; he's your guiding light through the bewildering world of business. Born in the vibrant city of Lagos, Nigeria, Charles brings over a decade of expertise in personal development, workplace skills, business growth, and media dynamics, with a focus on empowering the next generation of leaders.

Charles is the ultimate bridge between business and people, connecting you with the insights you need to navigate the professional landscape. In a friendly and relatable conversation, he'll unveil the blind spots in your career, whether you're a fresh face in the field or a seasoned pro seeking new inspiration. Charles Umeh is your trusted co-pilot on the journey to success."

Charles’ mission is to inspire the African narrative of Ubuntu with his work. He believes that the younger generations’ views should be clear, heard, and pursued by them he serves as a  career compass to the changing terrain in the modern-day workplace


Redefining Talent Skillset Needed in the New Workplace.





Strategy, Research & Development

“My First session with charles gave me the courage I needed to present a pitch and I went ahead to win.Since then, I wouldn't trade a session for anything in this world.”

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