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Convince Your Boss To Allow you work From Home

What do people mean when they say I want to work from home?

 let's have this conversation

A larger percentage are honestly seeking flexibility with results.

Because it’s a digital era far from the era when showing up in person was the only option. 

Going fully digital wasn’t practical years ago, it wasn’t an option on the table but yes, time evolved

Covid was the wake-up call. And that’s the power of adversity. when you get past it, you don’t see the world and everyone in it the same way. Resilience is built in adversity, embrace it.

They say, Failure and success are lousy teachers they seduce the successful to believe they can't lose while the one who has failed several times is almost Condemned to think they can't get to the other side of their failure pattern.

Flexibility only happens when you have mastered the process not in the beginning like you did while learning the alphabet The teacher starts with the alphabet and then words. 

 The teacher starts with Lego games, and then they build from them.  

Irrespective of seeking flexibility the unwritten rule says to learn everything done and then have a remix version. To get on track, these are things to consider.

First, you must surrender to be a student of someone who has a glimpse of what you think is real because our glimpse might be an illusion or bursts of energy that could be refined when contained than when not.

When you have witnesses who have seen you in the act, you win by acquiring the biggest currency you would need for the referral.


Joe worked for Mark because he knew he could solve Mark's problem, joe was excellent at his work. Mark had great friends who admired Joe because Joe had excellent skills beyond work.

When Joe applied to work for Mark, it was just skills.  when Joe left, Joe had more prospects who couldn't wait to experience all he brought to Mark's table.

Even the most flexible bosses want to work with you in the office.


That was their truth years before this era. secondly, they want to be sure those with them understand their pulse and are really on the same table with them

The currency you need to make your flexibility come through irrespective of the philosophy of who your boss is. RESULTS  and RELATIONSHIPS.

Never doubt yourself when everyone around you demands it, RESULTS AND RELATIONSHIPS are global currencies you must embrace.

Charles Umeh

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