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Understanding GEN Z from a Leader's Perspective

In one of the latest episodes of our series, a thought-provoking discussion on the future of work, we had the privilege of hosting a prominent thought leader and founder from Nigeria's vibrant entertainment industry. Dr. Tochukwu Mac Foy

This particular episode is especially insightful for understanding

Generation Z (1995-2012) and their impact on the workplace.

As a front voice in the entertainment space, our guest delves into the unique characteristics, challenges, and opportunities that Gen Z brings to the professional world. 

This conversation is a must-watch for anyone interested in the next generation at work, offering valuable perspectives on navigating and thriving in a rapidly evolving work environment.

Below is a text conversation and You can find the full link to the knowledge shared in the episode below. Feel free to watch and add your own experiences.

So how has it been for you working with this generation of people? 

I had to kill my ego because they don't respect what they deliver. Good! Good! They don't respect  But they deliver. 

So I had to kill my ego. When I was their age, I called my boss, sir.

Now they call me FoY I'm like, I'm not your mate.

But you hold it. 

I had to kill my ego first of all. I had to kill my ego. That's number one. 

Number two, I had to not compete with them. Very good. In the sense that technology has leveled a lot of people.

So my job is to bring what I have which is experience, which is maturity, and a sense of vision because for example


They love to tinker a lot. 

They're not very decisive. So my ego had to die.

 And you love them because they have results for their work? Oh, they execute. 

They deliver. They deliver.

They also understand that I provide as a person.

 They've seen my track record. Which is the first thing they look at. 

So they know that, okay, I can do what I can do.

 Yeah. I can try. I can use CHATGPT too. But I can try.  But I don't compete with, them, because they're better at some things. 

They're digital natives and immigrants. 

Yeah, they code better. They are, they are digital. We are a hybrid. Yeah. You and I are hybrid. Yeah. 

They are completely native.  So, I respect them. I love them. I don't fight them. But I also see one thing. They're watching. They're watching.

They're watching. Yeah.

What I also see is that for those who want to, who are looking for the right set of people to work on the team, I think it's a mystery to find a team. You want to build your team. Okay. What do you mean?

I think that there's a brain drain, man. 

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