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How Well Do You Know Baby Boomers?

  So I promised I was going to talk about generations in the workplace. Okay, so let's start this way. So we know very well there are five generations, five, the workplace. 

The most popular ones are the Gen Z's or those born of the century, we call Generation Z's or the centenarians. They were born at the end of the century. We have the Gen Y or the Millennials, we have the Gen X, we have the Boomers or the silent generation. 

So for this conversation, we'll start with the most popular ones. You know, I'll start with the Baby Boomers. 

They're the oldest in the workplace after the silent generation. The idea is why were they called Boomers? Interestingly, they were born in an era where, if you look at the history around 1945 to 1961, that was post World War II, what was happening at that time, we looked at a war that was trying to pick up from a World War. 

How well do you know the baby boomers?

Charles Umeh

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