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Money aside, why did you leave your first job?

I've heard the most interesting stories about why people quit their jobs but one stuck with me and I would love to share it with some lessons learned.

Steve was a great boss when we started working together. I didn’t fully understand him at first but some of his actions left a lasting impression. He stood up for me when I was naïve and yet to understand workplace politics.

His direct boss at the time kept pressuring him to be firm with me and even to fire me for the slightest mistake. I had no idea this was going on till Steve invited me into his office one day. He asked me to sit and watch as he responded to an email about me. When he finished he smiled at me and said “I wanted you to see this so you know I have faith in you. He continued. "This is your first job, and I get it because I was once like you. Don’t let them win."

That was the turning point for me. I started working for Steve, never giving him a reason to doubt me. He was the first to know when I decided to leave the job. He was happy for me, and I promised to emulate his leadership style.

One of the rules of leading a team is that you should know when your team members are about to resign. Its body movement, it's dropping clues without even knowing it's constantly doing weekly reviews. No one just resigns boom! You either got distracted in other issues as a leader which is understandable but the core rule says know your people so well they tell you even when they plan to kill you. Even biblical Judas dropped clues but only the leader of the team was aware. 

The reasons for leaving a job go beyond financial considerations. Oftentimes it’s the interpersonal relationships and the work environment that play a significant role. 

Steve’s story demonstrates this. His emotional intelligence, trust, and support not only helped a struggling team member but also inspired them to become better. 

Leaders like Steve make a significant impact on our work life, and their belief in us motivates us to strive for excellence.

To some versions of Steve, they gave us tough love. They were hard on us because they understand what the process is like and you never birth anything with your own easy formulas more reason you need people who would love you so well to be firm with you.

As you reflect on your career journey, think about the Steves in your life. 

How have they shaped your professional growth?

More importantly, how can you be a ‘Steve’ to someone else in your workplace? 

Remember, every job change should be a step forward in your career, and every boss, a lesson in leadership. 

Keep learning, keep growing.

Why did you leave your first Boss?

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