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The Power of Weekly Reviews in Work and Life

One of the best tools workplace teams use that can be carried into our personal lives is weekly reviews.

The workplace takes weekly reviews seriously because they help the team lead take inventory of patterns and updates and also get feedback from different perspectives. It also presents senior team members with opportunities to share valuable insights from past experiences that can help the team make better decisions. 

While consulting for a particular organization, an employee reported a problem with a vendor that his team partners with on projects. He complained of having received poor customer service and thought that the team should no longer do business with them. When he finished tabling the matter, a more experienced team member suggested contacting the founder, because the last time they had a similar issue, they found out the founder did not know of it.

So again, they did just that and it was clear the founder was not aware of it but promptly took action to resolve the issue. This time the erring staff member was sacked and good business relations were restored.

This approach not only helped the team give the otherwise reliable vendor another chance, but it also helped the founder become aware of a staff whose unprofessional conduct was potentially causing him to lose business. 

Weekly reviews are not only useful for teams but also for individuals and families. People who have lived longer than others have a lot of information and knowledge that the younger generation can use to their advantage. In reality, I find that we often neglect to review our personal and family goals, achievements, and challenges regularly and I think that’s not very helpful. Embracing weekly reviews in our personal lives will help us be more intentional in learning from mistakes, celebrating successes, and planning for the future. 

Weekly reviews are indeed a tool for the holistic growth of an individual.

How often do you harness the potential of weekly reviews in both your work and personal adventures? Join the conversation and let's uncover the untapped potential of this transformative tool!

Charles Umeh

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