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What did you learn this week that improves your growth and you would use at work?

With remote and hybrid workplaces becoming normal the dynamics of how culture is built and camaraderie among distant teams do the same is key.

Building a unique culture even with remote teams would involve some intentional activities.

 Would share some and feel free to share which has worked with your team with this new culture of hybrid workplaces.

The goal is to enhance human interactions

Encouraging team members to openly acknowledge and appreciate each other's contributions and choose kindness before sharing feedback is a lesson on choosing words before expression.

This should be a standard rule because words make more impact when they are even faceless and from online meetings represented sometimes by pictures on your digital screens.

This not only boosts morale but also reinforces a culture of support within the team and forces team members to think through their words carefully before they share them.

Let's get practical.

Francis, i noticed how much you tried rallying around team members and getting their buy-in for the Artificial intelligence integration project with BARNs Corporation ( add your affirmative kind words here) Well-done

We understand your team didn't achieve the goal but we can all learn from that and figure out how best things work around that sector.

Joe had worked on similar projects and I'm sure he would be very glad to join the team to share his insights.

Maybe since you both live in the same locality, he would be happy to have a chat over tea or coffee in the office during your office days.

What's the Difference?

There are two things in the above conversation the first one was giving a safe space for expression.


Team lead is affirming effort and also pointing direction.

Francis could also share his experience on the project without pressure if he is new to the dynamics.

This also gives room for human connection in the office since it is obvious the team operates remotely and

follow-up involving another experienced person on the team means the team member gets an opportunity to meet one who would make sure the next report on that conversation comes out better.

Paring teammates for knowledge sharing from experienced colleagues at work on a remote team is an intentional act of shaping culture.

Every team with different generations on them is an asset and team mates likened to walking encyclopedias of knowledge that could be harnessed if shared.

Some of these actions are human skills that help growth.

Organizing physical or virtual fitness challenges that fosters mindfulness and prioritizes the health and wellness of team members is also a plus for camaraderie.

with several exercise videos online on zoom without the pressure of Work KPI's connections that boost the morale of the team becomes a win for everyone.

How are you building human interaction with your remote teams?

Charles Umeh

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