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What worked for you?

Who worked for you?

What did you fail at?

What did you struggle with?

Who inspired you to make bold decisions?

Who and what made you feel ashamed about the choices you made this year?

If you were a stock, how did you perform this year?

If you had the chance to make people see you in a better light, with all this information, what would you start with?

The festive season is not just a time for celebrations, it is also a time for closure of work and for reflection in most parts of the world. So let's examine our own lives by seeing how we can answer these questions:

What worked for you (insert your name)? What worked can range from the smallest things to the most obvious achievements. You might think that January 2023 was far away, but if you kept track of some of your decisions, you would easily see how they paid off. For example, maybe you realized that thinking before acting, consulting xyz people, or listening to a particular person challenged your thinking and kept you sharp. It might be time to be more proactive about these things because you can now see how they helped you grow.

What did you fail at? I always see failure as feedback and an opportunity to learn. The more we adjust from the lessons we get, the better we become. There might be things that didn't go as planned, it might be useful to review them and ask ourselves what we can do with this information.

What did you struggle with? Sometimes we struggle with reaching a goal, overcoming a weakness, or making a critical decision. Whatever it is, admitting it and trying again is better than ignoring it and feeling sorry for ourselves. That's one way we can change our perception and improve our performance.

If you were a stock, how would you rate your performance this year? This should be based on metrics that you set for yourself, not what others think.

I'll stop here and let you do the rest.

The goal is to get better in order to position ourselves in the coming year as valuable contributors in our circles. This time is also a great time to connect with people who are on the same journey as us, learn from their stories, and adjust our own perception.

Are you an upwardly mobile professional GENZ or Millennial who wants to better understand the rules of engagement and win in the new world? I have a course that will get you a headstart for 2024. I got you. ://

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